Happy Book Birthday to Runebinder by A.R. Kahler

It’s a rare book that starts a revolution and now that A.R. Kahler’s newest dystopian fantasy novel, Runebinder, is out in the world, you could start experiencing just that. Not content to write yet another hetero, cis-normal hero for teens to relate to or a book...

Congrats to D.P. Prior for his Audible deal

D.P Prior has inked an audiobook deal for the first book in his new Shadow Cycle epic fantasy series: SORCERERS’ ISLE. Congratulations, Derek. May it be the first of many such deals.

Welcome Amber Cowie to the Fuse Family

We have much to be thankful for here at Fuse, including the latest addition to the Fuse Family, suspense author Amber Cowie! Amber writes gripping stories of twisted relationships in which long-buried secrets (and the occasional body) worm their way up to wreak havoc....

Welcome Daka Hermon to Fuse

Emily Keyes has signed middle grade author Daka Hermon! Please welcome Daka! Can you tell us a little about yourself? This question is my kryptonite. I always feel like I’m way less interesting than everyone else, but here goes… I think it would be fun to live in a...

Welcome Mary Keliikoa to Team Fuse

Michelle Richter recently signed Mary Keliikoa. Mary writes amateur sleuth crime fiction set in Portland, Oregon. Her characters are so interesting and complex!