Short Fuse Publishing is a digital-first provider of groundbreaking fiction and nonfiction across many genres. A division of Fuse Literary, Short Fuse Publishing boldly provides an outlet for creative works that traditional publishers shy away from, giving voice to new kinds of writing. Our curators are literary agents whose clients seek publication of their short stories, novellas, novels, flash fiction, poetry, nonfiction, multimedia, and more. In addition to our general Short Fuse imprint, we offer Teen Fuse for Young Adult and Middle Grade works and Pure Spirit Creations for the space where spirituality sparks creativity.


Short Fuse Publishing accepts submissions from agents and traditionally published authors. The pieces we select tend to be works of prose between 10,000 and 25,000 words long. Send your query and first 10 pages to: shortfuse@fuseliterary.com.

“Most writers are intimidated by book proposals. I try to encourage my clients by explaining that the proposal really isn’t that hard to write. You just have to address persuasively the concerns of the agent and the publisher. Nina Amir’s The Non-Fiction Book Proposal Demystified does just that. It’s simple, clear, and accurate.”

Andy Ross

Literary Agent