Welcome Amber Cowie to the Fuse Family

November 27, 2017

We have much to be thankful for here at Fuse, including the latest addition to the Fuse Family, suspense author Amber Cowie!

Amber writes gripping stories of twisted relationships in which long-buried secrets (and the occasional body) worm their way up to wreak havoc. If you’re like me, and you like shady characters, life-and-death stakes, and twists that make you yell, “OMG!” you’ll want to follow Amber. She has some killer stuff in the works.

Her debut novel, RAPID FALLS, centers around two sisters and a dark secret that left one with a dead fiancé and the other with suicidal depression and a hazy recollection of a night twenty years prior…until now.

Amber met both Gordon Warnock of Fuse Literary and Alison Dasho of Lake Union Publishing at the 2017 Seattle Writing Workshop (which Gordon will attend again next year). RAPID FALLS is now due out in print, ebook, and audiobook from Lake Union in the Fall of 2018.

See, folks? Good things happen at writers’ conferences. For a list of our upcoming appearances, click here.

Be sure to follow Amber Cowie on Twitter @ambercowie for the latest on RAPID FALLS and more exciting news that we can’t talk about yet. Guess we’ll just leave you in suspense…