Someone is having a case of the Mondays. That someone is me. But it is my day to post on the blog and I actually have something to talk about. Yay!

When you read a published book it is easy for you to see the things that are not working as a reader, even if those things are subjective. Those things you see are generally about character and story development. When you read unpublished books, or even self published titles that didn’t have editorial work done you see different things that just aren’t working.

Mainly, for me, one of those things is usually the dialogue. The characters’ names are said way more often than people say names in real life. The sentences are stuffy or too dramatic. The dialogue tags are too many and so creative they bring the reader out of the book.

There is a really simple fix for this. Even if you think dialogue is your weakest point. Print your MS (I know, so meta!) and read it out loud. This also helps with the formation of all sentences that aren’t dialogue.

If you stammer or get tongue tied, flag it. If your dialogue sounds clunky, flag it.

Your manuscript will thank you for reading it out loud.

What other ways do you check out your dialogue in revision?