As you may have heard, I’m the new kid on the block here.

This is the dance I am doing.

This is the dance I am doing.


Gordon already did a great job interviewing me two weeks ago, but I thought I’d say hello now that I actually have the keys password to the kingdom! Here are some facts about me:

1. I’m an identical twin, younger by seven minutes.

2. Comic books are my “for fun” reading. I might have superhero drawings on my wall.

3. The pinky and ring fingers on both my hands are permanently slightly bent and always have been. (It’s odd, but not really noticeable.)

4. I used to moderate a blog about Sweet Valley.

5. My family has a yearly celebrity death pool and we make our selections every Christmas day. I have never won.

You can learn other useless facts about me by following me on Twitter and Tumblr.

What you probably really want to know is what kind of books I am looking for. Regular readers of this blog know that the agency as a whole is closed to queries until the New Year, but I wanted to give you guys a heads start on what I will be looking for after the ball drops!

I’m still a kid at heart, so 90% of my current list is “children’s”, young adult and middle grade. I read an awful lot when I was a kid, and those stories really stick in my head. I love the idea of working on books that will be with readers for such a long time! But that is not a specific answer to the “what are you looking for?” question. Sometimes agents don’t really know what they are looking for until they see it, but I will endeavor to give you some hints.

I have been more interested in contemporary YA and MG lately because there have been a lot of innovative pitches. I love things that feel fresh, which is agent speak for a slight twist on an old idea. I want strong voices that make me feel like I am stepping out of my brain and into someone else’s. It is not that I have not seen that done well in genre books, but I think those have been done so much it’s hard not to feel derivative now.

I’d like to see unique settings and people, books told from the perspective of characters who don’t usually get the spotlight, mysteries and thrillers, mathematics and science-loving girls, topical tales, and, of course, things that will make me laugh and cry.

I am not looking for as much in the way of adult queries. But I am open to the idea of commercial fiction which includes fantasy & science fiction, women’s fiction, new adult fiction, along with pop culture and humor titles. Nothing too niche!

So get your queries ready for January. I will be