New fantasy phenom, Brian D. Anderson, who I have the honor of representing, has sold more than 150,000 copies of his first self-published epic fantasy series, The Godling Chronicles. His sixth and final book in the series debuts on September 10th.

Not content to rest on his laurels, Brian has commissioned new covers for the first five books as well as the new finale, and they are gorgeous.

The Godling Chronicles

These covers are on par with what Brian would have received from a Big Five publisher, in my opinion, and they underscore the significance that amazing covers can have on bottom line sales of your book or series. It also highlights the amount of control you have if you self-publish your books.

“The new art is exactly how I had thought my covers should look when I first began writing the series,” Brian said. “Thanks to the wonderfully talented Mike Gauss, the exterior of The Godling Chronicles now reflects the hard work and love that went into creating the story and characters.”

Furthermore, it was important for Brian to select a cover designer who loves fantasy, and he found that in Mike Gauss. “I wanted to tap into the thrill of adventure and danger that lives within all of us, and create a set of dark and thrilling illustrations that strike people’s emotions and curiosity about The Godling Chronicles,” Gauss said. I think he succeeded brilliantly!

Not being shy about experimentation, Brian also decided to bundle together the first three books in the series and put them on sale for the month of August for $5.99 to prepare for the final book’s debut and entice new readers to his epic tale. That’s another wonderful thing you can do with ebooks, and something the agency¬†has been advocating for the entire time we’ve been in business. We urge authors to experiment with their digitally published books.¬† Think outside the covers. Change the cover artwork and track what happens to sales. Lower or raise the price of one or more books and see what transpires. Bundle books together and value price them for even more impact. Add multimedia content or links. Add a soundtrack. Make a video game, board game, jewelry, or other merchandise to further extend your book’s universe. Ebooks are much, much more than just cheaper versions of print books. They have unique strengths and advantages that most authors have yet to discover. Have fun with it!

And can I end with just one more thing that I enjoy the heck out of? Brian’s eight-year-old son Jonathan came up with the original idea for the series, and Brian proudly puts his name on the covers. I dig that. So check out this series and maybe it will spark some ideas for your books. At the very least you’ll read a fascinating tale of adventure and sorcery before summer ends.