Thanks so much for all the enthusiasm for our Short Fuse Guides series. We’ve had thousands of downloads. Be sure to get them before the end of the year, they are free until then! So far we’ve posted four Short Fuse Guides (Query Letters by Michelle Richter, Book Proposals by Gordon Warnock, Working with Book Bloggers by Jen Karsbaek, Plotting Your Novel by Connor Goldsmith) and now it’s my turn. Ack.


Introducing the Short Fuse Guide to Book Publishing Contracts! You can find it on Smashwords and on Amazon!

A book by me? My parents are going to be so confused.


I wrote this guide primarily for authors who are negotiating contracts by themselves or want to know more about the legal side of things. It was difficult to narrow the topic down to a few clauses that are troublemakers. You could write a whole book about every clause there is. (Actually the whole process was difficult; I don’t know how you authors do it!)


I’d also like to make contract talk a regular feature on this blog. So if you have questions about contracts you’ve been given, what is normal and what is not, what terms mean, or just any contract related question then please feel free to leave a comment on this post. I will try to get back to you at my next scheduled blog appearance.