It’s Small Business Saturday, and a lot of folks (the Obamas included) are out getting their holiday shopping done at local independent bookstores. If you get excited about ethical consumerism and giving back to not only your local economy but your literary ecosystem as well, here are a few ways you can help:

#IndiesFirst: Today, if you hurry, you might be able to catch some of your prominent local authors working the cash registers and making recommendations at your local independent bookstores. Click here for a map of stores that are participating (and bookmark the page for next year). Bonus points if you then tweet a photo of the books you’ve bought using the hashtag #GiveABook. Each time someone does, Penguin Random House will donate a book to a kid in need.

IndieBoundThis searchable database of local independent bookstores will allow you to locate your closest indie and click through to order books from them–all without leaving your home. Many indies ship quickly because they’re in your city (or you could put on pants and probably walk there). IndieBound is also a great place to find reviews of hot new titles by the booksellers themselves.

Kobo: If you’re looking for ebooks, Kobo has partnered with many independent bookstores to allow you to give back to your community with every download. Find participating stores here.

Authors: If you can’t catch your favorite author at a bookstore signing, oftentimes they’re more than happy to sell personalized copies via their websites. Find ours here.

There you have it! As aspiring authors, it’s important to help ensure the marketplace you’re looking to enter. So get out there (or stay indoors, whatevs), and #BuyIndie!