I’m beyond thrilled to be able to announce my first deal as an agent! E.A. (Ed) Aymar’s next two books in his Dead Trilogy are being published by Black Opal Books, with YOU’RE AS GOOD AS DEAD up next in 2015.¬†Here’s a tiny description of YOU’RE AS GOOD AS DEAD, from Ed himself:
“What do you do when you’re caught between two warring crime families and ruthless federal agents?
You load your gun, double-cross them all and hope for the best.”

It’s got a Baltimore setting I love–and I lived in Baltimore for five years–with all the gritty underbelly of “The Wire” and all the charm Charm City has to offer. And solid characters you’ll really invest in: single dad and community college professor Tom Stark has secrets to hide and lots to lose if they’re exposed. That’s if he manages to survive the gangsters, the federal agents, in-laws, and his teenage daughter, all gunning for him in one way or another. Not to forget my favorite characters. Let’s just say these are some scary twin sisters you do not want to mess with. But I couldn’t help but like them a little too.

I am so glad Ed is a part of the Fuse Literary family and look forward to a long professional relationship with him. You can find him and links to his website and social media on our Clients page. Keep your eyes on him. You won’t be sorry.¬†