In my last blog post of 2014, I wanted to remind all our readers to click here and give yourself a gift this holiday season that will help your writing career at many stages from querying through to contracts. Fuse Literary’s Short Fuse Guides, half-a-dozen in all, are free until the end of the year, but why wait. Click over to them right now and download them while you’re in the gift-giving frame of mind.

And while I’m talking self-gifting, please take a break this holiday and remember all your successes this past year. It’s just as important to rejuvenate your mind, recharge your batteries, and give your spirit a chance at inspiration, as it is to reach your daily word count. Don’t forget to be open to the miracles of family, friends, anticipating the Dr. Who Christmas Special, or binging on the Outlander TV marathon (wait, did I say all that out loud????), and the many other wonders that seem to present themselves with regularity during the holidays.

From all of us at Fuse Literary, have a holiday season that’s everything you wished for, and we’ll see you for the next round of crazy goodness in 2015!