Happy New Year, readers!

We’re pleased to be back to work here at Fuse. If you’ve been holding off on querying, the floodgates are now open. QUERY AWAY!

New Years Resolutions
A lot of authors set goals to accomplish around this time. I thought I’d take a moment to make some suggestions about what kind of goals you should definitely have on your list.

1. What You Can Control. “Sell my book” or “find an agent” are not things you can control 100%. A better goal would be “send out [X number of] queries” or “network with agents and editors at conferences.” You want to be able to accomplish your tasks, so writing goals should be all about you, not the whims of others. Otherwise you could end up putting in so much work and still feeling like a failure.

2. Make it Measurable. If you’re just starting, you might have “write a novel” on your to do list. This can seem way too large and daunting a task. Try setting a more reasonable goal like, “Write 1,000 words a day.” You’ll reach “the end” before you even know it.

3. Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself. Let’s say you miss a day of your hypothetical 1,000 words. Don’t beat yourself up. Just do 1,500 the next two days or whatever is manageable. Most people who start a novel never finish it and I think that’s because authors want to be perfect out of the gate. No one is. Do it, and then revise. It won’t be easy so don’t beat yourself up if you hit a wall.

4. Celebrate. When you meet a goal, reward yourself. This is the most important step. Don’t get lost in a never-ending sea of next things to accomplish. Allow yourself to pause and be proud of yourself before moving on to the next step.