You should all know that February is Black History Month. Since the beginning of the month, I’ve been posting book recommendations on our tumblr using the tag #blackhistorybooks. All the books are written by black authors or tell the story of black people throughout history. I’ve made 21 picks so far (with the help of the rest of the Fuse Staff, our client MariNaomi and some twitter users). I’d like to do at least 30! But the more the merrier!

As I tend to read YA and MG most (with the occasional social justice history book thrown in there), I worry my list isn’t as complete as it should be. I’d particularly like to recommend some new titles or titles that often go overlooked. Black History Month has been around since 1976, so you should’ve gotten the memo about, for instance, Roots already. I’m particularly interested in periods of history not often covered, or black people outside of the United States. I like to broaden my horizons with books.

So if you have a suggestions, please send it to our tumblr via the ask function. What’s your favorite recent history book or book by a African American author? Reminder: you can also #askfuse through the tumblr, if your question can’t be answered in the 140 character twitter chats.