In case you missed it, on Friday we announced a new member of Team Fuse–well, sort of. Tricia Skinner has been an author with us since the beginning and she designed our lovely website. So we’re really happy to have her on board in a new capacity: Tricia will be working with Laurie McLean and training to be an agent! Hooray!

Tricia is really interested in the romance genre, and since we didn’t have an agent who specialized there, this is a great fit for us. Go read more about Tricia on her updated bio page.

Here’s what Tricia is looking for at the moment:

Wants: Historical romance outside of western Europe or Egypt (Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.); science fiction romance (everything except hard SF); multicultural fantasy romance; dark fantasy romance (love and horror elements in balance); M/M or M/F/M romance; military, spec ops, firefighters but with females on the team/in important roles.

Really Wants: Medieval romance from non-European POV; Interracial historical romance; Science fiction romance of all heat levels (especially genetically altered humans, space opera, non-Earth or ship-based with series potential, “band of alien brothers” types.); diverse alpha heroes; romance the blends genres (historical fantasy like Thieftaker, but with romance); romances written by POC (like me!).