Laurie and I are thrilled to announce that our own Sara Sciuto and Connor Goldsmith have been promoted from Associate Agents to full Agents here at Fuse.

*fires confetti cannon*

Connor has blossomed into one of the industry’s preeminent SF/F agents, and I’m excited to see him growing in the realm of literary fiction and nonfiction.

And Sara is a straight-up kid lit powerhouse. She has the picture book game on lock, and we’re seeing great things from her in MG and YA as well.

Stay tuned, folks, because these two are only getting started.

This truly is one of the better parts of the job. I started doing this because I loved seeing writers come into their own and find the success that they’re capable of, and I get that same kind of joy when I see a colleague do the same. As the principals of the agency, Laurie and I fairly often field requests from agents looking to join Fuse, and with Connor and Sara, we knew right from the start that they’d be an excellent fit. Both are incredibly driven and focused. They’ve proven themselves as not only knowledgeable in their respective genres, but they’ve taken the Fuse philosophy to heart in pursuing ways to improve the role of the agent in this ever-changing business.

And might I add, they’re a joy to work with. I often say that communication is the most important part of your working relationship with your agent, and I always look forward to communicating with these two, whether in our agency meetings or out in the wild at conferences and trade shows. And one thing that really gets me is, when I’m talking with them about a project, I can tell how much they actually care about what they’re doing. These are not opportunists looking to flip contracts and make a buck. They feel those highs and lows, those acceptances and rejections, and they keep pressing forward, looking to improve and find a way to make it happen. And they do. That’s how I know they’re home in this business. That’s why I can not wait to see what they have in store for us in the years to come.

Both Sara and Connor are actively building their lists. If you’re looking to submit to Sara, you can find her guidelines and contact info here. I also recommend following her on Twitter @sarasciuto. To submit to Connor, check out his guidelines and contact info here. He lights up Twitter @dreamoforgonon.

Find them on social media today, and show them some love!