When Kindle created an initiative that monetized fan fiction a few years ago, I was equal parts excited and skeptical. I was excited that fan fiction was getting legitimized by the biggest player in the publishing game. I was also afraid that it might dampen fan fiction as a whole as small sites could not compete.

I’m pleased to say that Kindle Worlds instead has created a lot of new opportunities for writers of fan fiction and the objects of their affection (the novelists who wrote the original works). Plus smaller fan fiction sites do not seem to be at all affected by Kindle Worlds as “competition”. In fact, they are seeing a boost in attention as fan fiction as a whole becomes more well known to writers and readers.

I recently discovered that a favorite author and human being, Terry Persun, now has a Kindle World for writers to play in, which is based on the universe he created in his Doublesight books. And what’s really cool is that writers can write fan fiction about this world as romances, fantasies, mysteries, thrillers, and much more. I think that’s cool. You can learn more about Terry and Doublesight here.

I also have several clients who have written fan fiction for other Kindle Worlds (Vampire Diaries, Harbinger). And one hugely successful Kindle World that is getting a lot of action is my police procedural client Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Series. You can see that here. Toby’s fans are so excited they can write stories in her world with their favorite characters as well as read her books, it’s a lovefest going on.

So if you haven’t checked out Kindle Worlds, and there’s an author who you love and whose work you might want to honor, swing on over to kindleworlds.amazon.com. It’s not only books. You can write in the worlds of your favorite comics, movies, and television shows too. And reading these extensions of your favorites takes these worlds to a whole new level of enjoyment!