I don’t think I’ll ever stop quoting Robin Williams. Freaking loved that guy.

NaNo writers! We’re doing a little something special for you. For those of you writing fiction, this month only, you can get our own Connor Goldsmith’s THE SHORT FUSE GUIDE TO PLOTTING YOUR NOVEL…absolutely free. No catch. Just buy the book on Smashwords using this link here, enter the coupon code ZQ98Y, and KABOOM! Free.

Nonfiction writers! Yes, if you’ve been paying attention, you may know that this is also National Nonfiction Writing Month. And to celebrate NaNonFiWriMo (aka The Write Nonfiction in November Challenge), we’ve discounted Nina Amir’s THE WRITE NONFICTION NOW! GUIDE TO WRITING A BOOK IN 30 DAYS to only 99 cents in all online retail outlets. KABAM! And if your nonfiction challenge involves writing articles, we have a brand new guide to help you do just that.

Go forth, and write all the things!