“Thank you from the depths of my heart…”

This post is inspired by our client, Anna Quinn, who owns The Writers’ Workshoppe and Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend, WA. Her latest blog post, simply titled, “Thank You,” gives us a snapshot of what her life is like and the little joys that make her job so special.

Here at Fuse, we absolutely adore indie booksellers. As you can see, they don’t just sell products like the myriad other retailers that will be stampeded tomorrow. They invite people in. They create communities and make personal connections. They give and receive stories. They entertain and inspire, and they should be valued and supported as cultural institutions.

How can you help your local independent bookstore? We’ve compiled a handy “How to #BuyIndie” post with some tips.

An annual favorite has been Small Business Saturday, which has really blossomed in recent years. President Obama has always made a show of taking his family to their local indie bookstore, Politics and Prose. And nationwide, many of your favorite authors have made it a tradition to volunteer, working the cash register, making suggestions, and generally helping support the communities that have supported them through the #IndiesFirst campaign.

This year, the UK has caught on, with what they’re calling Civilised Saturday. This Saturday, if you stop by your local indie, you may just be greeted at the door with a butler offering you a flute of prosecco.

Also new this year is Local Comic Shop Day, with exclusive new releases and special events at over 385 shops nationwide. Definitely recommend checking that out.

Regardless of how you choose to support your local indie bookstore, we’d love to hear about it. Tweet us a photo @FuseLiterary and tell us why you love your indie bookstore. And if you’re up in Northwestern Washington, say hi to Anna for us 🙂