Today is special. Tapas Media, a great new company focusing on the mobile content market, is optimizing novels, short stories, novellas and more into bite-sized content for today’s mobile reader. I call it #bitesizebooks.

Here’s the press release about our support for this great new “freemium” game-based platform:

Fuse Literary Supports Tapas Media Launch

Partners to Create the Mobile Reader Market

SAN FRANCISCO — April 11, 2016—Since its founding three years ago, Fuse Literary had been searching for a publishing partner that would make reading on cell phones and tablets a unique and immersive experience. According to Fuse Literary co-founder Laurie McLean, Tapas Media offers exactly what is needed to bring storytelling to that new medium.

Tapas Media

“Storytelling has been around forever,” McLean said, “and yet over the centuries it has settled into a few publishing formats and has not broken free. Tapas is about to change that by offering bite-sized content and five-minute reads. The percentage of American adults who purchased at least one book within the last year has gone down from 79% in 2010 to 65% in 2014…and it’s a trend I see continuing. But I also see Tapas being able to divert that movement to a format that is entertaining and quick, one that matches the demands of this generation of consumers.

McLean’s co-founder and partner Gordon Warnock, Publisher of the agency’s Short Fuse division, hopes to tap this underserved and potentially huge market segment.

“With Tapas we see a way to sell books to people who don’t usually buy books,” Warnock said. “They offer a fun way for anyone to consume bite-sized stories on mobile devices and try them without risk since all these books have the first few episodes available for free. This fits perfectly with our vision for Short Fuse—getting content into the hands of readers wherever they are and however we can, with as little barrier to entry as possible.”

You can read the rest of the press release here:

Tapas Media