“Men of courage, throughout the world, come to Savage Island and prove yourselves!”

So implores Dutch-Indonesian businessman Jules Van Allen. For all of human history, men have proved their courage by fighting hand-to-hand. On Savage Island, combatants will be paid five thousand dollars for every day they stay alive, and a hundred thousand dollars for every kill, while their fights are broadcast to the world.

Today, from the safety of your own computer, you get to experience the cover of Carol Wolf’s Savage Island, without having to fight anyone (except your own imagination!) Do imagine what thrills and chills this throwback to the days of the “manly men’s” books of the fifties might offer.

There’s James Grayson, who came to Savage Island to revive his failing career as a TV reporter by becoming the announcer for the deadly new sport. There’s Los Angeles District Attorney John Savage, whose announcement that he’s seeking the governorship of California is blasted apart by the sensation that bears his name. And there’s Jules Van Allen himself, seeking revenge against Savage for the one case he botched…the case of Van Allen’s two murdered children.

There’s a lot to love about this big, action-packed book. Now feast your eyes on the Savage Island cover!

*Savage Island goes on sale July 7th launching at CombatCon, Las Vegas*