… not really.

But if you live in the Pacific Northwest, this Summer is a great time to meet some of our lovely Fuse Agents.

Laurie McLean and Michelle Richter will be attending the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference in Seattle, WA. They are there July 28th to 31st. For more information on PNWA visit www.pnwa.org!

Then–soon after–, Emily (that’s me!) will be taking pitches at the Willamette Writers Conference (willamettewriters.org/wwcon/) in Portland, OR. Since I’m still closed to queries, pitching me is the only way to get me to read your stuff in the foreseeable future! So make use of this opportunity! (Mostly I don’t want to be the sad, lonely agent.)

For more information about what conferences all the Fuse Agents are attending, be sure to keep checking the CONFERENCES page on our website. It’s updated as we find out about new ones. I know I have one I am going to add soon.