So excited for this one. YA Fantasy fans, get ready, because we’ve just unleashed the exclusive Author’s Cut of the C. C. Humphreys classic, THE HUNT OF THE UNICORN!

Ooo…pretty. Our designer really outdid herself.

Here’s a bit more about it in case you don’t know the story:

When Elayne slips from New York City into the Land of the Fabulous Beasts, the line between fantasy and reality isn’t so clear anymore. But the danger is all too real. She must overthrow the tyrant king. She must tame the unicorn. She must find her way home! And she must become both hero and villain to do it.

“Hand this to readers who like their heroines sassy, and their settings vividly imagined.” — The Center for Children’s Books

That’s us 🙂 And we especially like the section on unicorn training!

Your ticket to the Land of the Fabulous Beasts is only $1.99, on Amazon and wherever ebooks are sold worldwide. Get it now before THE HUNT OF THE DRAGON comes out later this year from Penguin Random House!