Labor Day in the United States was the unofficial end of summer. Apart from waiting for the next big vacation, writers may choose to revisit a work in progress, or gear up promo on an upcoming book release. Unfortunately, some writers might find switching back to work mode isn’t easy. If you’re like me, you have too many ideas clouding your brain. You could also have a brain like a white board: blank, blank, blank. Maybe one of the following craft books could help.

 mentalgame THE MENTAL GAME OF WRITING by James Scott Bell

The author has a series of craft books I could recommend, but his newest was a gem. While there are dozens of motivational writing books out, this one simply rang true. I liked the balance of positive quotes and technique Bell offered. He dove into the mental challenges most (if not all) writers faced, and offered tips on how to break through those obstacles. Short, yet solid. It was a good refresher for any author.





mybody“I GIVE YOU MY BODY . . .”: HOW I WRITE SEX SCENES by Diana Gabaldon

Romance writers know it’s not easy writing sex scenes. Not only must they balance heat level (as in how mild or burning hot the scene is), but how the scene fits with the overall romance. I pre-ordered Gabaldon’s short craft book because the woman knows what she’s talking about. Hello, Outlander. This book was as amusing as it was educational.






masterlistsMASTER LISTS FOR WRITERS by Bryn Donovan

Anyone needing a kick in their creative pants should take a peek at this book. Not only were the lists of facial expressions, gestures, and emotions helpful, I saw the benefit of browsing all the plot bunnies, scenes, and settings. This was a great book to help clear away mind fog.






So, those are my three recommendations to restart your writing after a summer of distraction. Why not jump in before Nanowrimo season hits in November?