I was honored to participate in the second ever #DVPit, a Twitter-based pitch event celebrating diverse and marginalized voices organized by agent Beth Phelan of The Bent Agency. Beth has done a masterful job of organizing this event and publicizing it, attracting agents, editors, and most importantly, writers.

There was a wealth of good pitches, and let me tell you, it takes skill and practice to be able to grab an agent’s attention with 140 characters. One that caught my eye read “A stressed-out engineer; a wry transwoman; a naive drama major: the women of Bennet House navigate a year at Longbourn U.” I immediately got a charge from seeing Bennet and Longbourn, allusions any Pride and Prejudice fan would recognize. But when I saw “Engineering student EJ and C-list star Will match wits in a Multi-culti mashup of Pride & Prejudice + Damsels in Distress” from the same writer, I thought there was really potential for something special. Happily, that turned out to be so. A request for 30 pages turned into a request for the full manuscript which turned into reading it all in one sitting into the wee hours.

So now I’m delighted to report that I am representing the author of those tweets and that manuscript, Salima Appiah-Duffell. This is Salima’s debut novel and she’s bringing a new spin to an old favorite. I’m thrilled we’re embarking on this journey together! Welcome her to #TeamFuse, everyone.