I figured because this is my first post to the Fuse blog since joining the agency, and since we’ve just reopened to queries, today would be a great time to do a little #MSWL of what I’m looking for.

I’m eager and excited to add to my client list, but as always be sure that your manuscript is complete, clean, polished, and ready for submission. Please always study submission guidelines before sending a query.

Generally speaking, I represent adult fiction genres only (No YA, MG, children’s, or non-fiction [though I might take a look at a memoir with a strong hook]). I’m most interested right now in romance (all subgenres except inspirational), mystery, suspense, thriller, scifi, fantasy.

Specifically, I have a few #MSWLs. If you’ve written any of these, I want to see them!

  1. I have a feeling dystopia is going to increase in popularity, again. I’d like to see a dystopian story about reluctant, everyday heroes. Even better if they’re women or POC. This can be mystery, romance, thriller…any genre.
  2. A Jason Bourne-style thriller set in a broken world, dictatorship, or dystopia (better if the main character is female).
  3. I’d love an All The President’s Men-inspired story with a cast of diverse young women (a la Teen Vogue).
  4. I’m interested in all subgenres of mystery, but I have a soft spot for cozies. I’d love to see a cozy that’s a mashup with another genre (cozy fantasy, cozy romance, cozy scifi, cozy historical, etc). Or any mystery mashup, for that matter, with fresh, compelling, quirky characters, setting, plot.
  5. My hunch is that paranormal romance is going to be a thing again, so if you have a fresh, sexy, not-too-outrageous PNR, send me a query (fyi, I’m not a fan of some of the old tropes of fated mate, prophecy, halflings, etc…do you have something new and different?).
  6. I’d still like some kind of time travel story, preferably romance, with a plausible mechanism for the time travel.
  7. Historical romance or historical fiction with a shield maiden heroine.
  8. A story set in the 1960s (any genre, but romance would be great), that’s grounded in a cultural niche of the era other than music.
  9. I’d love a retelling of Romancing the Stone.
  10. A historical romance where the heroine is (for whatever reason) disguised as a boy when she meets the hero, and the awkwardness and fallout of that attraction and situation.
  11. A retelling of the Ladyhawke story.

Okay, I think that’s enough for now. If you think you have a story that’s a perfect fit for me, be sure to follow my submission guidelines, and I look forward to diving into my inbox!