I’m a fan of reputable writing contests because I see them as a milestone on a writer’s career path. Imagine what it must feel like to finally put your book idea on a page (or 350 pages) and then show that work to strangers. Frightening! Exhilarating! That exposure is the writer climbing another rung on the career ladder. It could lead to getting the manuscript in front of editors or agents, or snagging a publishing deal.

As you know by now, Fuse Literary supports the San Francisco Writers Conference. The fourteenth annual event is coming February 16-19, 2017, and at the end of that week, organizers will announce the winners of the international writing contest. Finalists were announced on February 3rd! I served as contest coordinator so I’ve seen all the entries. They were phenomenal! A hearty congratulations to everyone who entered, and an extra “yippee” to the selected finalists. Winners will be announced at the event, and names will be posted on the San Francisco Writers Conference website. Good luck to everyone!


Cult of Savage Hearts by Amy Lampe
Dead Man’s Shirt by Bruce Campbell
The Upside of Dark by Catharine Manset Morreale
The Man Who Lived In Silence by Chelsey Dannielle Monroe
Only The Lonely at the Geezer Beauty Pageant by Eliza Mimski
Plumb Undone by Kelly Allen
The Taste of Names and Other Things by Masha Sukovic
Bash Chelik by Masha Sukovic
Simon’s Still Point by Scott McGaraghan
Over The Coconut Trees by Shymala

Acorns In The Attic by Carol Thornbury
The Red Purses by Dianna Cannizzo
See You Tomorrow… Reclaiming the Beacon of Hope by Gary Matloff
Confessions of a Middle-Aged Runaway by Heidi Young
Sail Cowabunga! A Family’s Ten Years at Sea by Janis Couvreux
The Red Sandals by Jing Li
Shapeshifters in the Family by Joey Garcia
The View from Erroll’s House by Mary Beth O’Connor
Homesick: A Love Story by Patricia O’Hara
Have You Heard of Sister Wendy? by Richard Fencel

The Red Queen Principle by Elizabeth Arndorfer
Sebastian Creates A Sock Company by Erica Swallow
Too Big Boots by Gayle Wittig
What We Left Behind by Katie Harding
Nightmares and Daydreams by Kim O’Brien
The Jaguar’s Deception by Melissa Muhlenkamp
In The Depths of Darkness by Sean Fletcher
Granny Can’t Remember Me by Susan McCormick
The Skilten’s Curse by Toni Hawks Floyd
The Year of the Horse by Zoe McLaughlin