After a stint in journalism for daily and weekly newspapers, I spent more than 20 years in and around the high tech industry, so I am very comfortable with computers. I use them in nearly every aspect of my life. Writing on a keyboard is my preferred method for its speed, correction ability, and just general comfort and ease of use.

I live in the coastal mountains south of San Francisco and we have been having a stormy winter. After 5 years of drought we have been hit with a seemingly never-ending series of rain and wind storms, meaning all those dead trees are falling over and rocks and mud sliding at a precarious pace. Our power has been hit or miss since October. Yesterday Mother Nature closed every single road out of my small mountain town!

But this has reconnected me to writing and creativity in a way I had forgotten. The old pen and paper method of creation, sometimes by candle and firelight, is a totally different experience, one that I had forgotten.

You have to move more slowly. Your brain has time to think and ponder as your clumsy hands need more time to memorialize your thoughts and language. I was surprised at how often my brain came up with more suitable words because it had time to ruminate while my fingers tried to keep up. It was a magical experience…one which I recommend. Even if you don’t have to do it, taking a moment a few times a year to write with pen and paper could be just the jumpstart your creativity needs.

You might not live in a geographic area that is beset by disaster weather. But all you really need is the will to step away from your computer, tablet, phone and the internet. Find a special place and take out some paper and a pen. You’ll be surprised what you come up with!