E.A. Aymar’s thriller, THE UNREPENTANT, was sold to Down and Out Books by Michelle Richter, for publication in 2019. This was a terrific end to their attendance at Bouchercon, the annual convention of creators and devotees of crime fiction, held this year in Toronto.

THE UNREPENTANT is the story of Charlotte, a victim of traffickers, who manages to escape and with the help of former soldier Mace and his wife Eve, fights back against those who took her. Charlotte is tiny but fierce, and her quest for revenge will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Ed Aymar is also the editor, with Sarah Chen, of the novel in stories, THE NIGHT OF THE FLOOD (Down and Out Books, March 2018). 14 of today’s new and most exciting crime writers take you to a town where a woman is about to be executed and protestors blow up the dam, setting off a night of chaos and crime.