It’s a rare book that starts a revolution and now that A.R. Kahler’s newest dystopian fantasy novel, Runebinder, is out in the world, you could start experiencing just that. Not content to write yet another hetero, cis-normal hero for teens to relate to or a book about a gay teen coming out in contemporary America, in Runebinder Kahler has shown that anyone can be a hero and one aspect of a person’s character is not what defines them. In this case, Kahler’s hero Tenn is gay. But he’s also a chakra magic-wielder, an outcast, a teen boy, a kick-ass fighter, brown-skinned, determined to save what’s left of the world from monsters, and full of all the insecurities and hormonal spikes that most teen boys experience.

Here’s a great article by Kahler in the Barnes & Noble Teen Blog that explains his motivations for writing Runebinder. He has even started a #BeTheHero campaign on Twitter to excite people about being a hero in the real world regardless of how other people try to define them. I am proud to be Alex’s agent. And I am proud that he wrote this book. I hope this is a harbinger that LGBTQ-ness or disability or skin color or any other aspect of a person’s life does not define them but instead is merely one part of the total package. Go Tenn. Go Alex. And Go Runebinder. Pick up a copy today at Amazon, B&N, or IndieBound and see what I mean!

And if you’re wondering which elemental chakra magic sphere influences you, take the short quiz at