This weekend, Kellye Garrett attended the Left Coast Crime convention in Reno, Nevada. She was nominated for a Lefty for best debut mystery. While there, she did a panel with her fellow nominees, had dinner with her editor and other Midnight Ink authors, and met former Pitch Wars mentee Mary Keliikoa for the first time. Mary is also a Fuse (and Michelle Richter) client.

And then at 10 PM Reno time/1 AM, I got the best text from Kellye: “I won!” Close behind it came a photo of the award, which depicts a prospector panning for gold.

I am truly delighted for Kellye, and she couldn’t deserve this award more! 

Kellye’s editor Terri Bischoff was there to cheer for her when she won, and here’s Kellye making her speech.
Check out the Lefty award-winning mystery HOLLYWOOD HOMICIDE if you haven’t already! And if you have, HOLLYWOOD ENDING, the second book in the series, comes out in August. You can glimpse the cover on the bookmark below.