Wow. This year has started off with a bang. I’m announcing not one but TWO NEW CLIENTS today! And I found them both at the San Francisco Writers Conference in February! Which was a feat since it was my first year as the director of that venerable event and I was nervous, excitable, exhausted, busy, and getting pulled in a million different directions every minute of President’s Day weekend.


E.J. Debrun is a debut science fiction novelist, who began her career as an animator and Hollywood storyteller. (Even worked at Disneyland for a spell…how cool is that!) She gave a master class on The Hero’s Journey at SFWC and caught the eye of an editor who asked to see some pages of her story in progress. So E.J. and I worked on her manuscript and very soon it will go out to the requesting early bird and hopefully find a home. Welcome aboard E.J.! I am so excited to get your writing out into the world.

You can learn more about E.J. by visiting her website/blog where she showcases her opinions and writing:




The O.G. Rev won my first ever #ownvoices Director’s Scholarship at SFWC with his amazing piece of writing about acceptance and tolerance. The passion, quality and writing skills of the essay blew me away. And at the breakfast meeting that was included in the scholarship, he impressed me further with the six books he’s already had published, one by a Big Five publisher. He writes urban fiction, poetry, and nonfiction about his ministry in the gang-ruled hood of East Oakland, CA. For the past 20 years, the O.G. Rev has ministered in the merciless streets of one of the poorest sections of the San Francisco Bay area…his mission field comprised of the homeless, the forgotten, the gang impacted and people trapped in the snare of human trafficking. He’s the first clergy person to write gangsta fiction books for an inner city audience. I look forward to the journey we’re about to take together, sir. You can find out more about the Rev at



Please offer them both congratulations and follow E.J. on Twitter at @EJ_Debrun and Harry at @RevHarry1.