GORGEOUS! These are the first two books in Ransom Stephens’ Time Weavers series from Strange Fuse. The 99% Solution debuted August 2018, and introduced fans to the Time Weavers:

Simon Wentworth—confused physicist who believes he can choose the course of history from the intersections of past and future realities.

Fiona Black—optimistic proprietor of The Intoxicating Page, a bar-bookstore where literature is matched to cocktails.

Vladimir “Volodya” Kazimer—pessimistic Russian hacker whose software calculates the probabilities for different futures.

Winter—cute little doggy.

It chronicles an Occupy-Wall Street vs the 1% near-future that could mean the end of the world as we know it.

Lucy Montgomery is the 99%…buried in student loan debt and pissed off at a rigged system. Francis Gordon Woodley, IV, is the top of the 1%…heir to a cor­porate empire that can buy or topple entire nations.

Manipulated by anarchists, Lucy sets out to destroy corporate power so that classless democracy can bloom into worldwide utopia. With his oligarch friends, Francis sets out to destroy govern­ment, un­leash free-market forces, and spawn worldwide utopia.

With Lucy and Francis on a collision course, the Time Weavers race to save the rest of humanity. Every future their computers predict leads to a hundred-year dark age except one. But for that one timeline to emerge into reality, Simon must encourage his god-daughter, Lucy, to assassinate his mentor’s son, Francis. Unless there’s another way.

The second book in this series, Too Rich To Die, debuts in May, and offers a Dickensian Silicon Valley cautionary tale.

San Francisco techie Eben Scratch becomes the world’s first trillionaire on his 30th birthday. Like a high-tech A Christmas Carol, Eben’s greed has ruined his life and just might ruin the world if the Time Weavers—Simon, Fiona, Volodya, and Winter the beagle—can’t rescue Eben from himself.

Ranging from San Francisco to Paris, Mexico, India, and Vienna, Too Rich to Die melds Silicon Valley wealth, the French Revolution, and developing world sweatshops into a fast-paced story of love and money found, lost, and crushed beyond recognition.

Pick them up, with their bright and shiny new covers, at an online book emporium near you. Or your computer. Or cell phone. The 99% Solution is available now in ebook, print book and audio book formats. Too Rich To Die will be out in mid-May 2019.

And find out more about all of Ransom’s books on his website http://ransomstephens.com/.