Karly is ecstatic to welcome T A Chan and Eric Seder as her first two authors on her client list. She discovered T A Chan during Pitch Wars’ agent showcase and was immediately captivated by T A Chan’s storytelling, complex characters, and world building. She will be represented by both Laurie McLean and Karly Caserza. Eric Seder is a 2019 San Francisco Writers Conference success story and knocked it out of the ballpark when he pitched Karly.

T A Chan is a bibliophile with a questionable sense of humor. Ironically, her love for the written word was reinforced through her mandatory ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) sessions throughout her elementary and middle school years. She currently lives in the nobody-knows-about-us state of New Hampshire (with a cat, a pup, and an army of succulents) but attends school in the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. She loves reading (duh), writing (duh), and manatees (not-so-obvious duh. But think about it: Manatees are basically swimming potatoes). In addition to manatees, she is also obsessed with space stuff, the impossible triangle, bubble tea, Hans Zimmer, and traveling.

Eric Seder (writing kidlit as Rico Cedar) graduated from Harvard University and earned a masters at UCLA, where he studied writing and literature.  He is a travel enthusiast who has visited all seven continents and over 100 countries. For six years, he coached Little League baseball to spirited players like Buster and her teammates.  RAISING BUSTER is inspired by their ability not only to fire a fastball, but to face down hardships and turn them into victories.