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April, 16, 2019 – PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA – Bestselling author, Ransom Stephens, Ph.D., begins a unique series of book reviews at

In “Ransom Reviews,” Stephens shares the lessons in the craft of writing that he learns from the books he reads and explains what brought him to read each title. He also shamelessly name-drops and offers personal anecdotes and gossip about the authors whenever possible.

His first three reviews focus on the role that fiction plays in curating civilization. The three books, including science fiction by Alex White, young adult fiction by John Green, and literary fiction by Garth Stein, have one thing in common: they share what it’s like to suffer from a disability that is invisible to others.

Ransom Reviews are written with an eye on the craft of writing. In that sense, they are not conventional book reviews. They don’t posit whether a book is “good” or “bad.” Ransom chooses to investigate how authors handle specific aspects of the craft, e.g., plot and character development, dialogue, point of view, withheld information, backstory, description, and so on. He chooses books from every genre: thrillers, science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and occasionally literary fiction and romance, but rarely horror. He will review nonfiction books if he thinks they offer a trove of plot ideas. And he only reviews books he likes.

“I read a lot and when I find a nugget to share, Medium is the best vehicle to get it out there,” Stephens said.

Medium, founded on August 15, 2012, quickly grew as it caught on as the place for the world’s top minds to share their views. Today, Medium has more than 60 million monthly readers.

For a complete description of what Ransom is trying to do, read his first post, Ransom Reviews: The Preface at


Ransom brings a comprehensive understanding of how things work. Everything he does is rooted in the clear thought processes of a physicist. His novels include Too Rich to Die (StrangeFuse, May-2019), The 99% Solution (StrangeFuse Publishing 2018), The God Patent (47North), and The Sensory Deception (47North). His books have appeared on a variety of bestseller lists. His first full length work of nonfiction popular science, The Left Brain Speaks the Right Brain Laughs (Viva Editions) breaks the mold on science writing for lay audiences with humor and unique pedagogy. Ransom was awarded the 2017 Jim Williams Contributor of the Year ACE Award. He’s also a practicing professional physicist and technologist.