Matt Ringler at Scholastic has bought author Daka Hermon’s debut middle-grade HIDE AND SEEKER, a horror novel about a group of neighborhood kids hunted by the mysterious “Seeker”—a creature who uses the game of Hide and Seek for evil purposes. Publication is scheduled for 2020. Emily Keyes at Fuse Literary did the deal for world rights.

Fuse Literary client Daka Hermon has signed with Scholastic for her first novel, originally pitched on the Twitter pitch party #DVPit. 

Hermon is very excited to share the story with the world. She said, “Hide & Seeker is the story of my heart. Over the years, there have been countless revisions, but the story of friendship and overcoming your hurts and fears always remained. I hope readers fall in love with these characters and story as much as I did!”

One person who already fell in love with the characters is former Fuse client, Will Taylor. Taylor, whose second book MAGGIE AND ABBY AND THE SHIPWRECK TREEHOUSE hits shelves August 20th, was chosen to critique Daka’s initial pitch. “One of the greatest joys of being in the writing community is getting to read and celebrate books by people you know,” said Taylor. “I was lucky enough to be a very early reader of Daka’s work during #DVPit a year and a half ago, and I vividly remember getting chills by the end of the first page. It was clear I was reading a major talent taking the first steps in their career. It was an absolute honor to get to cheer her on. I cannot wait for the rest of the writing community, the parents and educators, and above all the kids to fall in love with Daka’s book and get the same chills I did!”

Agent Emily Keyes also got chills and is happy to announce the deal with Scholastic. “I can’t wait for everyone else to read it,” she said. “I talked with Daka a bunch about how creepy children’s games and rhymes can be. This is a new spin on a game everyone knows.”

Daka Hermon’s HIDE AND SEEKER is scheduled for 2020 publication by Scholastic.