From its humble beginnings in 1982 operating out of the Forbidden Planet comics store on Drury Lane in London, Titan Books is now part of the Titan Entertainment Group, which publishes original fiction, movie/TV/Gaming tie-in books (Alien, Terminator, Star Trek, Star Wars to name a few), nonfiction, magazines, graphic novels and comics. Editor Cat Camacho enjoyed the breakneck pacing and intricate world building of this deep space thriller from Nick Taylor writing as J.T. Nicholas, and today we announced a two-book deal for RECOIL and one other title.

We’re excited to see J.T. blossom at Titan. He already has a noir science fiction trilogy out from Kensington’s Rebel Base Books: SINthetic, SINdicate, and SINdrome. Near future New Orleans that is partly underwater. Clones. Evil Corporations. A mystery to solve. So read his first series today and whet your appetite for RECOIL, coming next year from Titan Books!