This Side of NightThis Side of Night, the third novel in J. Todd Scott’s Big Bend series, was chosen as a Panelist Pick in Pima County Public Library’s 43rd annual Southwest Books of the Year. Made up entirely of librarians, the panel had this to say:

Violence erupts on the Rio Grande when law enforcement collides with a vicious drug cartel in J. Todd Scott’s most recent outing, the third in his series featuring the sheriff’s department of Big Bend County. Fox Uno, leader of the infamous Nemesio cartel and uncle of Deputy Sheriff America Reynosa, arrives at her door after a botched coup and attempt on his life, while Deputy Danny Ford deals with five bodies found marinating in the river used by drug mules as a heroin highway. A bloody massacre of student activists in Chihuahua and the turncoat perfidy of a bent narcotics unit deputy add to the confusion that leads, inevitably, to bullets flying in a bloody showdown with badges flashing on both sides of the gunfire and a body count equaling the casings. With his soulless cartel, flawed heroes and memorable dialogue, Scott’s edge-of- your-seat delivery keeps the pages turning.

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