In a 6-house auction, Brilliance Audio bought World English audio rights to New York Times best-selling author Steena Holmes’s forthcoming procedural suspense novel, THE PERFECT SECRET.

After accepting an offer of a lifetime, Starla Bishop is in the last place she wanted to end up. A lifelong product of the foster-care-to-jail system in New York, she has learned to survive by conning jewel thieves, drug traffickers, and mobsters out of a fortune. Fresh out of her latest stint in jail, she fights the call of the old life and accepts an offer from the Dixon family in the idyllic upstate town of Bervie Springs, NY.

Donald Dixon is a charismatic used car salesman with an eye on political office and a hand in all things Bervie Springs. To curry favor with voters, he creates an exorbitant post-prison rehabilitation program and chooses Starla as its inaugural beneficiary.

With every conceivable expense taken care of, Starla starts work as the new receptionist for Soil and Springs Landscaping, run by experimental botanist Alexius Dixon out of hers and her chummy ex-husband Donald’s mansion. Starla’s rehabilitation leads to a whirlwind romance and engagement to Donald, but when bodies start turning up in gardens worked on by Soil and Springs, Starla and the Dixons are hauled into jail for questioning.

Was the master con artist being conned all along? Has Starla pulled off her biggest job yet? Is the shocking truth closer than everyone thinks?

Everyone has secrets, some worth killing for.

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