Hello, 2021! I’m excited to see what publishing adventures await me. January is always a busy month because any business from the close of the previous year is the priority once the vacation fog lifts. I plan to reopen to unsolicited queries on February 1st. Before that day, I’ve tweaked my manuscript wishlist to include a few hopeful requests.

Updated January 2021:

  • I’d like to see more non-contemporary romance. Specifically, I’m interested in fresh takes in paranormal romance and urban fantasy romance.
  • Bad ass single Dads (thank you, The Mandalorian). Does not have to be part of a romance, but the badassery and “I’ll kill you and your ghost if you hurt my kid” vibe must be strong.
  • I will never get bored with enemies-to-lovers or forced proximity romance tropes. Conflict must be high stakes. I want the tension between the couple to be off the charts.
  • LGBTQ+ and BIPOC protagonists as lead characters in all my fave genres.
  • More space operas, more non-Milky Way planet colonies, more alien species POV in stories. I don’t want medieval Europe in space!
  • Protagonists who struggle (and fail) on their way to being the hero (gender neutral as used here).
  • Any horror that makes me yell, “Holy sheets!” because I did NOT see the twists coming.
  • Give me the Winter Soldier or John Wick-type character on their journey of revenge and redemption. They do bad things to people who’ve hurt them or others.

Everyone can find my full submission guidelines on my Team Fuse page or my personal agent website.