It’s our Agencyversary! Happy birthday, Fuse Literary!

*confetti cannon*

That means it’s also time for our annual charity benefit. Past beneficiaries include the National Alliance on Mental Illness, We Need Diverse Books, Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, the ACLU, and others. I’m excited to announce that this year, we are celebrating 8 years of Fuse by auctioning off 8 query letter critiques from the partners with all proceeds going to Malala Fund.

About Malala Fund:

Malala and Ziauddin Yousafzai founded Malala Fund in 2013 to champion every girl’s right to 12 years of free, safe, quality education. Through our Education Champion Network, we invest in local educators and advocates — the people who best understand girls in their communities — in regions where the most girls are missing out on secondary school. We advocate — at local, national and international levels — for resources and policy changes needed to give all girls a secondary education. The girls we serve have high goals for themselves — and we have high expectations for leaders who can help them. We believe girls should speak for themselves and tell leaders what they need to learn and achieve their potential. We amplify girls’ voices and share their stories.

Over the next three years, Malala Fund will focus our work on the following objectives to address the immediate and long-term implications of the pandemic on girls’ education. 1) Keep girls learning through school closures. 2) Reenroll girls to catch up on missed lessons. 3) Support teachers with resources and training needed to deliver quality education. 4) Strengthen education systems against future crises. 5) Ensure girls’ physical and psychological well-being in the classroom.

The auction is open now through the end of March. Place your bids here.

Good luck! And thank you for supporting Malala Fund!