Fuse Literary (formerly Foreword Literary) is a full-service, hybrid literary agency based in the Silicon Valley with offices in New York, Chicago, Dallas, North Dakota, and Vancouver. We blend the tried-and-true methods of traditional publishing with the brash new opportunities engendered by digital publishing, emerging technologies, and an evolving author-agent relationship. Fuse manages a wide variety of clients, from bestsellers to debut authors, working with fiction and non-fiction for children and adults worldwide. We combine technical efficiency with outside-the-covers creative thinking so that each individual client’s career is specifically fine-tuned for them. We are not an agency that sells a book and then washes our hands of the project. We realize that our ongoing success directly results from that of our clients, so we remain at their side to cultivate and strategize throughout the many lives of each book, both before and after the initial sale.

Innovations, such as our Short Fuse publishing program, help bridge the gaps between books, growing and maintaining the author’s fan base without lag. The partners launched Fuse following tenures at established agencies, bringing with them experience in writing, teaching, professional editing, book marketing, blogging and social media, running high-tech companies, and marketing new technologies. A boutique, collaborative agency, Fuse provides each client with the expertise and forward vision of the group. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and passion for progression in an ever-changing publishing environment. We believe that the agency of the future will not just react to change but will actively create change, pushing markets and advancing formats to provide authors with the best possible outlets for their art. Fuse Literary Agency. Igniting Author Careers.

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Laurie McLean

Gordon Warnock

Margaret Bail

Connor Goldsmith

Emily S. Keyes

Tricia Skinner

Michelle Richter
Associate Agent

Carlisle Webber
Associate Agent


Karly Caserza
Literary Assistant

Laura Cummings
Project Manager

Jen Karsbaek
Agency Scout