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Book Deal! Kimberly Unger’s THE EXTRACTIONIST to Tachyon

In her second science fiction thriller, VR/AR guru and videogame producer Kimberly Unger has sold THE EXTRACTIONIST--pitched as an international near-future cyberspace thrill ride pitting a hacker against a corrupt corporate tech giant--to Jacob Weisman at Tachyon...

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Carlisle Webber signs James Acker from DVPit

Welcome to James, whom Carlisle found through 2020's DVPit. DVPit is an annual Twitter pitch event "for self-identifying, historically marginalized authors & illustrators." Carlisle fell in love with James's contemporary YA novel, which James pitched as "Track...

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Steena Holmes Inks Audiobook Deal for The Perfect Secret

In a 6-house auction, Brilliance Audio bought World English audio rights to New York Times best-selling author Steena Holmes's forthcoming procedural suspense novel, THE PERFECT SECRET. After accepting an offer of a lifetime, Starla Bishop is in the last place she...

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