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Aman J. Bedi

About Aman J. Bedi

Aman J. Bedi was born in Mysore, India. He grew up in Vizag, studied in Bangalore, lived in Bangkok, completed a PhD in experimental psychology at the University of Canterbury, and has settled (for now) in Melbourne, Australia. His writing draws from modern Indian history and is influenced by writers and artists like David Gemmell, Brandon Sanderson, Takehiko Inoue, and Kentaro Miura.

His debut adult fantasy, Kavithri, is an action-packed epic inspired by post-colonial India, which follows an intractable protagonist who scraps her way out of the slums to gain acceptance into a school for mages, bonds with an all-powerful Jinn, and finds that what’s left of her once-proud people sparks something deep within her—a reason to rise up and fight. It draws on modern Indian history as well as Aman’s own upbringing in the region.



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