Richard Read

About Richard Read

By the light of day, Richard Read plays the part of a mild-mannered fundraiser, but before and after the 9-to-5 grind, he’s a voracious consumer of news, information, and vacuous data on the latest hot-to-trot reality show “celebs”. Name a blog devoted to popular culture, LGBT issues, science, technology, or transportation, and chances are good that he’s a subscriber.

Richard is an avid blogger and writes regularly about car culture for Motor AuthorityThe Car ConnectionGreen Car Reports, and Gaywheels. Richard has also penned more than his share of not-entirely-safe-for-work articles for Gawker, Lurid Digs, and other LGBT sites. And in his spare time (yes, he occasionally has spare time), he writes plays for a New Orleans-based theatre ensemble Running With Scissors and posts news and musings on his own site, Sturtle.



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