Blood and Blades

Seattle Slayers

Book Three

A Slayer’s apprentice in peril. A deadly tournament. Winner takes all.

Roxy Lim just wants her old job back, but destiny has other plans. The Slayers made their wishes clear, so she’s hung up my hammers in favor of her wrenches. She’s hustling to make ends meet, while dodging job offers from a certain vampire prince. But nothing stays quiet for long in the Twilight. O’Malley is still out there and it’s only a matter of time before he makes his next move.

When Kotori tells her Finn is in trouble, she’s right back in it. Her old apprentice has been dragged into a deadly underground tournament. O’Malley’s tournament.

O’Malley’s scheme could tear apart the shifters and deal a fatal blow to the soul of the city. It’s up to Roxy to stop him. This time, she won’t be alone in the pit because Ulf, Cordelia, and Wen have got her back. But can she stop O’Malley’s scheme while hiding her most dangerous secret?

Join Roxy and the gang as they fight for the soul of Seattle. Get ready for more action, more magic, and more secrets.