Halfway to You

An ambitious podcaster and her reclusive interviewee embark on a life-altering journey to uncover long-lost truths in this immersive story about love, travel, and family secrets.

Forty years ago, aspiring writer Ann Fawkes left the United States for a Mediterranean adventure that opened her heart to travel and love. After a chance encounter propelled her into the publishing world, she released her first novel, an instant bestseller—and the last book she ever wrote.

Now, Ann lives a reclusive life in the San Juan Islands, hiding from the public and its probing questions. But when podcaster Maggie Whitaker convinces Ann to sit for an interview, Ann agrees on one condition: Maggie must keep her story off the record.

Determined to change Ann’s mind before she loses her job, Maggie agrees. But as she learns about Ann’s life—particularly the love affair that inspired her novel and the decisions she made in its wake—Maggie realizes Ann’s story intersects with her own in shocking, life-changing ways.

A sweeping, heart-wrenching novel that spans decades and continents, Halfway to You explores the distances we create between ourselves and the ones we love most and what it takes to finally bridge them.

“Forget about second chances—this epic love story will leave you believing in third and fourth chances. Halfway to You is a beautiful exploration of the healing power of forgiveness between lovers, family, and friends. Jennifer Gold succeeds in breaking your heart before expertly putting it back together again.” —Alison Hammer, author of Little Pieces of Me

Halfway to You is an emotional and multilayered tale bursting with juicy family secrets and seemingly insurmountable obstacles. This story within a story is filled to the brim with surprising reveals you won’t see coming. I absolutely loved it.” —Tracey Garvis Graves, New York Times bestselling author of Heard It in a Love Song

“An emotional, twisty story of love, grief, and second chances, Halfway to You asks important questions about forgiveness, fate, and family. If you’re anything like me, you’ll flip the pages quickly and shed more than a few tears as celebrated author Ann and young podcaster Maggie struggle toward heartbreaking truth.” —Kristin Harmel, New York Times bestselling author