Book 1

Internet horror superstar Trevor Henderson is famous for his ghastly creations and hair-raising creepypastas. Now he brings that talent for the terrifying to this debut middle-grade thriller.

You don’t stay out after dark in Beacon Point…

The small town of Beacon Point has always been plagued by eerie local phenomena. The most famous being the Beacon Point Ghost Lights. It’s a town where disappearances are common, strange creatures have been sighted with unnerving frequency, and a ghastly secret lurks in the woods.

The adults of Beacon Point are oblivious to the strange occurrences. Others prefer not to talk or even think about them. But over the course of several terrifying nights, a group of kids will come face to face with the horrors hiding within their sleepy town. Guided by the mysterious radio host Alan Graves, they must follow the clues to a terrifying secret before it eats them alive.

“Trevor Henderson is a DJ of goosebumps, and he’s spinning nothing but blood-curdling bangers. A creepypasta monster squad for a new generation, Scarewaves tunes into a terrifying frequency and never shorts out. You’re definitely going to sleep with the lights on after reading this one.” – Clay McLeod Chapman, author of Ghost Eaters

“Equal parts thrilling, chilling, and relatable to anyone who’s ever been a preteen, Henderson’s Scarewaves is the kind of horror book that would’ve made me feel seen as a kid. Fans of Goosebumps will adore this book and can happily share it with their children.” – Briana Morgan, author of Mouth Full of Ashes