Where Butterflies Wander

From the bestselling author of In an Instant comes the moving story of a family grappling with grief and a woman with the power to help them through it—or stand in their way.

After a tragic accident claims the life of one of her children, Marie Egide is desperate to carve out a fresh start for her family. With her husband and their three surviving children, Marie travels to New Hampshire, where she plans to sell a family estate and then, just maybe, they’ll be able to heal from their grief.

Marie’s plans are thwarted when she realizes a war veteran known by locals as “the river witch” is living in a cabin on the property, which she claims was a gift from Marie’s grandfather. If Davina refuses to move on, Marie won’t be able to either.

The two women clash, and battle lines are drawn within Marie’s family and the town as each side fights for what they believe is right, the tension rising until it reaches its breaking point. And the choice is no longer theirs when a force bigger than them all—fate—takes control.

“A poignant tale of blame, forgiveness, and the slender threads that weave into the tapestry of life. Redfearn takes her readers from heartbreak to hope, all the way making us see our ties to what’s been lost, and that even the most unlikely people can set us free.” – Gian Sardar, author of When the World Goes Quiet

“A captivating and thoughtful novel about resilience and grace in the face of tragedy. Nestled among memorable characters who will stay with you long after the last page, Suzanne Redfearn explores the lengths we will go to and the secrets we will keep to protect those we love.” – Mansi Shah, author of The Direction of the Wind

“Where Butterflies Wander is a heart-wrenching story about a grieving family and the different ways people cope with grief. Suzanne Redfearn is a master at placing her characters in challenging circumstances where they are forced to make impossible decisions. I stayed up much too late furiously turning pages to find out what would happen.” – Diane Barnes, author of All We Could Still Have