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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your agency represent what I write?

Fuse Literary represents both fiction and nonfiction in the vast majority of categories and genres. Read the agent profiles on our Team Fuse page for details. Note that as an agency, we do not represent poetry or screenplays.

Are your agents accepting new submissions?

Unless otherwise stated in their profile, yes. Sometimes our agents will temporarily close to new submissions. If that happens, keep an eye on their profile or social media for news of their opening back up. Note that, as an agency, we all close to new submissions each December 1st through January 15th.

How do I submit my work to your Agency?

Visit our Team Fuse page and click an agent to read their profile. If they represent your genre, click to submit and follow the agent’s guidelines, but remember that they may vary. Note that we do not accept or respond to submissions via phone, physical mail, or social media.

Can I submit to more than one agent?

Please submit to only one of our agents at a time. If that agent declines your work, you can continue to submit to our agents one at a time. We do not require your submission to be exclusive to our agency.

How long will it take to receive a response?

Our agents’ typical response times vary. Visit your desired agent’s Team Fuse profile page for more info.

Is there a fee to submit?

Fuse Literary never charges reading or submission fees, nor is there a retainer fee for our services. We only get paid when the author gets paid after we sell an author’s work.

If I sign with your agency, will you guarantee to sell my book?

No agency can guarantee that a particular project will sell, but we sign clients because we love their writing and believe it will succeed in the marketplace. Our goal is always to sell what we sign and establish long-term writing careers for our clients.

If my work is declined, will I receive detailed feedback?

Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we are unable to guarantee feedback or advice in our rejections.

What can I do to make myself a strong candidate for representation?

Show the agent you are serious about writing as a career. Be professional in your communication. Provide URLs to your author website and social media that supports your efforts to brand yourself. Remember, you are a business person seeking a business partner. Keep your correspondence professional.

How do I write a query letter?

For information on how to write a query letter, visit our Short Fuse page and read THE SHORT FUSE GUIDE TO QUERY LETTERS.

How do I write a book proposal?

For information on how to write a book proposal, visit our Short Fuse page and read THE SHORT FUSE GUIDE TO BOOK PROPOSALS.