Sachi Ediriweera

About Sachi Ediriweera

Sachi Ediriweera is an accomplished designer, filmmaker and comic book artist. He is the writer / artist of the graphic novel Lionborn; which was the first English language graphic novel produced in Sri Lanka.

Apart from his design and illustration work, he has also built a career in filmmaking as a writer, producer and director of the acclaimed short films A Small Miracle, Wildings Within, HTM and Garden of Bones. His films have screened in numerous film festivals around the world including in the USA, Germany, Spain, South Korea, and Australia.

When he’s not drawing or writing his third-act plot twist, he enjoys reading art books and comics, eating pizza and overthinking cosplay ideas for comic cons. Sachi divides his time between Colombo, Sri Lanka and Dubai, UAE where he also works as a production designer for the events industry while enjoying green tea as any good post-colonial citizen.



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