Short Fuse Publishing

Bigger and Better (The Erotic Circus Series Book 3)

Step behind the velvet curtain for an entirely new type of show. In The Erotic Circus, even your wildest dreams can be made a reality.

I’ll Show You Mine

When Cassie and Macy get a little too carried away in juggling practice the results are more funny than sexy, but when Ryan—the shy, quiet head of the troupe’s jugglers—offers to show Cassie some tricks of his own, she quickly learns that under that bashful exterior lies a club like she’s never seen before. And it’s going to require some seriously skillful handling.

Patrick’s First Time

Patrick, the young Greek god of a contortion coach, is, as everyone knows, only interested in women. But when Kyle confronts him in the locker room about his constant flirting with every gay guy in the troupe, Patrick finally reveals an untold story from his past, and Kyle helps make that memory a living, toe-curling reality.

This volume includes two short stories by Catherine Silver.

This is a work of explicit erotic fiction, containing scenes of M/F and M/M sexual acts, and is intended for adults over 18.